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Freiwilligenarbeit Guatemala - Benedikt


The volunteer work was a very valuable experience for me. At the school I gave general support to the teachers, which is always very helpful, as the students (children with “special needs”) require a lot of attention. Also I gave some English lessons to classes of different ages.

I think it is a great project as it offers the opportunity to go school to children, who cannot go to a “normal” school. Therefore it's also a perfect place for volunteers, who really want to make a difference. Although, besides me, there were quite a lot of other volunteers there, still every helping hand is needed and not only the teachers but especially the children appreciate every volunteer a lot. They are very open, sweet and in need of a lot of affection. The help doesn't always consists in really “teaching” a class. You should talk and play with the children and just pay them attention.
I would recommend to know some Spanish if you want to work there, as it's difficult to get in touch with the children otherwise.

It was a very rewarding work for me. Thinking of all the laughing kids still makes me smile.

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