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Freiwilligenarbeit Guatemala - Jonas

How was your volunteer experience in general? What were your main tasks at the project(s), what did you like, what was surprising? Anything you want to share.

It was a great experience! I wondered if I could really do anything in ‘only’ two weeks, but I felt I could really make a difference. Together with other volunteers we brought structure to the school and established frequent English and German classes. I taught the children a bit of English and German and that was much appreciated by the director as well as the kids.

What was difficult to experience at the volunteer project(s)?

Nothing really. You just have to be open minded, proactive and communicative.

Do you have any suggestions or points of improvement for the project(s)?

A better knowledge sharing from volunteer to volunteer in case this project will be more frequently done by volunteers.

How was the support provided in-country by the partner agency of Auszeit-weltweit?

It was very good! They were there when I needed them and were always very friendly.

Do you have any tips for future volunteers coming to Xela/Antigua?

Choose Xela in case you want a more authentic experience and go into the city often as it is a great location.

How was the accommodation in the host family? What about meals, communication, comfort of the house, bathroom, etc? Did the family charge you extra for something?

Hostel Casa Renaissance was super cool! Cozy, central, great people, good communication and it was spacious!

How were the Spanish lessons? Please describe the experience by evaluating the school/location, the teacher(s), the general experience.

Judith was very nice. There was a clear structure and communication was good. We walked through the city once and she explained about the things we saw, very helpful!

What was your favorite memory of this trip?

Seeing the smile on the children’s faces, and them hugging me tightly as they did not want me to leave on my last day.

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