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Freiwilligenarbeit China - Sarah

My story in China

It might only have been five weeks in China, but nevertheless it has been five weeks of experience, fun and change. Before I came to China I would never have thought that I could stand in front of sixty children and talk freely without any nervous or even panic feelings.

Now I can and it is fun and gives you such a good feeling, when all the children listen to you, join the games and laugh, smile and are happy. I even improved my improvisation skills. I had to write every word down I wanted to say at a presentation. Here in China I sometimes just knew ten seconds in beforehand what kind of grade I would teach. I had no plan, no idea of any topic and still I could stand there 45 minutes and teach them.

To see this, to experience this is a whole new thing for me and I am really thankful, that I improved my skills and that I can go back to Germany with the knowledge that I am able to do things like that.

I also loved the children and the life here in Fengyan. Just to see how life works in Chinese villages, how they think and how they see the world. I noticed openness, kindness and a warmly welcome even from strangers. They love to invite you to dinner, to oiltea or just for a chat.

The old house in Fengyan is so typical old Chinese, that you already have the feeling for China when you step into this house and you always have the surrounding that makes you comfortable.

Also the team of Auszeits partner organisation makes you feel good and welcome and you have a lot of fun with everyone of them. It starts from having Chinese lessons, going to Barbecues, playing “Majong” or even just chat throughout the night.

I had a wonderful time here in Fengyan and I will miss everyone and I will miss the children and the work here. Maybe someday I will come back and stay for longer.

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